Attempt at garlic sauce aka toum

Hellooooo! So it’s been a while since I posted… not because I’ve been busy with other things, but because nothing exciting has really happened, food wise and life wise. I will share with you though my attempt at making lebanese garlic sauce. It was inspired after finally making a trip to El Jannah in Granville. I’ve heard people rave on and on for years about their chicken and garlic sauce. And I now understand why. The sauce is definitely an ingenious creation and I was soon having sauce with a side of chicken.

So since I have no understanding of how it is made, I had a look around online and tried a recipe from here. It was definitely quick and easy to do.  I think next time though, I will soak the garlic in water or leave it to air out a bit as the garlic I used was a little astringent. But here’s how it turned out. I loved the light airy texture and went well with some roast chicken/potatoes.

IMG-20141020-WA0002Lol looks like plaster.. but much better when paired with..