Cheat’s duck and spring onion pancake

By now, I think most people would have eaten or heard of Peking duck. And most should also be accustomed to having it wrapped with shallots in a thin pancake. It’s so popular nowadays that even movie theatres lists Peking duck pancakes on their menus.

However, I think it is near to impossible to make the authentic version at home. I’ve heard of blow dryers and pumping air between skin etc… so no, I would not attempt such a thing. There is a cheat’s version though which isn’t really Peking duck, but if you’re having cravings it will satisfy to some extent. All you need is a roast duck from a Chinese bbq vendor and a packet of Peking duck pancakes from an Asian grocer and you’re almost set. Just remember when you’re buying the duck, buy it whole and ask them whether they have any Peking duck sauce. They might give you some for free. Next, julienne some spring onions and cut some cucumber batons (watery seeds removed) as part of the filling. Finally, carve away pieces of duck skin starting from the breast and working around to the back. A bit of meat attached to the pieces is fine too and you may also find yourself ripping away pieces with your hands…

And that’s it! All you do now is wrap it all up in a lovely steamed pancake and onomom away