Osso buco and roast lamb

We are going through the last weeks of Winter, so I decided to take the opportunity to make some comfort food before it gets too warm. Osso buco is such an easy cut of veal to prepare as it involves searing off the meat before letting it simmer in a tomato based stew until the meat falls off the bone. Delicious!

I also rolled out some homemade pappardelle as the perfect accompaniment. I was apprehensive as many people suggest using Tipo 00, but plain flour works just as well. . A classic gremolata of parsley, garlic and lemon was a nice touch to offset the richness of the dish.


Lamb roast was something I haven’t made in a while. Sometimes the meat can be too gamey and dry, but this time it tasted alright. The addition of anchovies to the usual rosemary and garlic really does make a difference. I also tried making hasselback potatoes which crisped up nicely.



Pork ragu pappardelle

I was deciding whether to post this meal up since most of the ingredients were ‘packaged’ supermarket stuff but it tasted delicious so here it is. Besides I took the photos already and it felt like a waste if I didn’t put them up haha. (Note: my photos are still kind of crap, maybe its because I use my phone camera lol. But my friend suggested using some foil to do some reflecting. Don’t know if it did anything substantial but it kind of looks lighter.)

ImageEven though it sounds kind of fancy, the dish is really easy to whip up. its basically the same as making bolognese which I’m sure most people already know how to make. In fact, according to the internet (wikipedia), bolognese is a ragu.

For this dish, I sauteed some onion and garlic then added the pork mince, dried herbs, a can of tomatoes and some run of the mill sauce from the jar (it wasn’t really necessary though). I picked up a tip from Heston where you put in a star anise when cooking the onion, apparently it accentuates the meaty aroma of the dish.

After adding some pepper, salt, sugar and a little water I simmered it for around 45 min. During the last 10 min, I boiled some salted water, chucked in some San Remo fresh pappardelle and chopped up some parsley. So easy yet deliciously filling. However, next time I would like to try making my own pasta when I get a machine…they are so expensive though. I once tried making my own pasta using a rolling pin and failed miserably…mmm boiled strips of rubber.