Attempt at garlic sauce aka toum

Hellooooo! So it’s been a while since I posted… not because I’ve been busy with other things, but because nothing exciting has really happened, food wise and life wise. I will share with you though my attempt at making lebanese garlic sauce. It was inspired after finally making a trip to El Jannah in Granville. I’ve heard people rave on and on for years about their chicken and garlic sauce. And I now understand why. The sauce is definitely an ingenious creation and I was soon having sauce with a side of chicken.

So since I have no understanding of how it is made, I had a look around online and tried a recipe from here. It was definitely quick and easy to do.  I think next time though, I will soak the garlic in water or leave it to air out a bit as the garlic I used was a little astringent. But here’s how it turned out. I loved the light airy texture and went well with some roast chicken/potatoes.

IMG-20141020-WA0002Lol looks like plaster.. but much better when paired with..



Simple spaghetti and poached egg

Having nothing interesting in the pantry is a great way to train up my ability to create delicious meals from everyday ingredients. Especially tonight, I was cooking for one and had no meat or veges in the fridge. However, I did find some spaghetti and garlic which was all I needed for a simple garlic spaghetti with olive oil. It tastes better than it sounds…in fact, lots of Italians enjoy cooking their spaghetti this way. I did have a bit of tomato paste leftover so I used that as well for extra flavor. I also had some eggs in the fridge and decided to poach one to accompany the spaghetti. I love poached eggs but don’t really have them that often mainly because you need really fresh eggs that hold their shape, or else you will end up with egg soup..mmm. However, the mental image of runny egg yolk oozing over a glistening tangle of garlic spaghetti was all I needed to take the risk and poach an egg. Overall, it was delicious! and I didn’t even miss the meat. Here’s a picture of what it looked like


And here’s a picture of that glorious egg yolk.. Admittedly, I wanted to have it runnier but accidentally left it in the pot too long. oops. Proof that I have yet to master the skill of multi-tasking