‘Tis the season to be blogging…

It’s nearly Christmas and soon we will¬†stuff our faces with more food than usual ūüôā¬†Recently I went to one of these face stuffing events… the Sydney food bloggers Christmas picnic! Having only started this blog a year ago, it was my first time there and I have to say I was pretty nervous at first. I didn’t know anyone and I was going to finally see the faces behind¬†some of the blogs I’ve been reading for years. To be honest, if it weren’t for the food theme it would be pretty creepy…meeting a bunch of strangers from the internet at a¬†park.¬†

We were all told to bring some food and my mind went blank. I’m always short on ideas on what to make; especially if it’s to cater for a group. But then I remembered a failed attempt at making curry puffs a couple years ago where the filling burst out of all the pastries like dozens of little¬†volcanoes. This time I decided to roll my own pastry and also added a twist by filling it with massaman curry. Originally I was hoping the pastries would have the beautiful swirls like that found on Malaysian curry puffs, ¬†but then I must have stuffed up rolling out the water and oil based doughs. So in the end I just pretended I was trying to make empanadas…

For the pastry I followed a recipe from here¬†and just used a store bought massaman paste and coconut milk to start the beef curry. After simmering for 1.5hrs I added the potatoes and left it for another 0.5hrs. I had to make sure I didn’t season too heavily as I reduced the liquid for a while until the curry was slightly thick¬†(that’s to make sure it doesn’t leak and erupt from your pastry). I then shredded the beef and wrapped it in the pastry and fried it.

Ironically, even though I made it for a group of people known for photographing food, I myself forgot to take any proper pictures of the empanadas… but I did take some pictures of the whole spread of food. You can kind of see the empanadas in the middle



pictures of food and people.

The picnic overall was awesome and a big thank you to Chocolatesuze and Grabyourfork for organising!