Japanese cheesecake

So along with the ragu posted last night, I also attempted to bake a Japanese cheesecake for my cousin’s birthday. Funny thing is, I think I was more excited about his birthday than him because I get to make all this food that I normally wouldn’t… (I need to get a life haha). Cheesecake isn’t even one of these things I eat often…but I think I was just sick of making Chocolate cakes.

The idea to attempt this cake came to me while I was walking down the street, like literally, I saw it in an Asian bakery and thought I might make it later when I had time. I’m not sure what’s so Japanese about this cheesecake. Maybe it was created by a Japanese person, I don’t know.

So I looked around the internet and found that most recipes have similar ingredient quantities. In the end I decided to go with one from here. For mine I didn’t have cake flour so used plain and substituted 5-7g for cornflour. I also took out the lemon juice. The whole recipe was pretty straight forward except I felt a bit uncertain when whipping the meringue as I always do. As my cake tin was a bit leaky, I lined it well and forwent the water bath and instead wrapped a wet tea towel around it when baking. I also placed a tray of water on the rack under it. Through the oven glass door I could see my cake rising nicely with a browned top. I even baked it a further 15min past the recommended time just in case. I was so happy and relieved!

Then this happened…

Cake 2

The whole thing just collapsed as I opened the oven door slightly to let it cool. See I even knew not to take it out directly onto the bench top but even so I was robbed of my beautifully risen cake. So so cruel…

It really demotivates you to finish decorating, but I decided to press on and tried my hardest to pretty the thing up.

However, I have to say that it tasted pretty good and had a light moist texture without being too airy. Maybe for the next birthday I can perfect it…. Now to google “cheesecake collapse”. 😛




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