Vegetarian lasagne

Last week I met up with some friends for dinner to just catch up and take advantage of our summer holidays. Instead of trekking it to the city, we decided to meet up and prepare our own food. Usually, we would have had a meat-fest around the bbq, however, one of our friends made a recent decision to turn vego so I decided to make a vegetarian lasange and some roasted mushrooms.

The recipe for the lasange was from Neil Perry and having seen it on Masterchef I couldn’t wait to try it out. With ingredients such as roasted capsicum and ricotta cheese sauce, I knew that it would be far from bland. In fact, I thought it was on par if not better than one made with meat. The roasted mushrooms were also simply done, I started them on the stove to brown them with some butter, oil and garlic, then placed it in the oven to finish. Towards the end I added some salt, pepper, parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice for some tang. Yum!

Image My friend who is really into photography helped take this photo so that’s why it is so much better in quality. Also my other friend who reads this blog will probably want to take credit for his featured chips, which were delicious and baked nicely according to the instructions on the packet 😛


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