Green mango salad

Although it looked delicious, my take on Luke Nguyen’s mango salad didn’t go too well. I think it came down to the green mango being too ripe and soft. Because of this, the salad wasn’t very crunchy. For the dressing, it tasted delicious on its own with a bit of sourness but when added to the mango it was way too sour. I also didn’t have most of herbs listed in the recipe.. I think they would have helped balance out the sourness and added the necessary freshness to the salad.

However, it was still something special that I’ve never had before and would try and perfect for next time. Especially as it heats up in Australia, this salad would be a great accompaniment to your bbqs.

For those making it themselves, I would probably get firmer unripe mangoes. I got mine from woolworths lol…. you might have to go to Cabramatta for some good ones. Also pick up some of those herbs listed while you’re there. Hope yours turns out better!



6 thoughts on “Green mango salad

  1. Love green mango salad but agree that you definitely need firm green mangoes. Makes using a julienne grater much easier too!

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