Tiramisu (aka coffee) cake

Yay! so I finally finished my exams 🙂 and decided to make a cake.. not to celebrate the end of my study but for my mum’s birthday. There’s actually a lot of birthdays in November, even mine is in November. Sometimes I feel that making and giving food may be a better (and cheaper) present than chipping in 20 dollars, especially if you’re unemployed like me. Actually if you think logically about it, if you were getting paid say 20 dollars an hour in a hypothetical job, then cooking for around 2 hours would mean you gifted 40 dollars to your birthday friend/relative. Just kidding, you cook for them because you care and love them haha

So for my mum’s bday cake, I saw this recipe online for the tiramisu cake and thought it was doable and not too complex. Instead of using their chocolate cake recipe I used this one instead. Unfortunately, for me, the finished product did not look like their beautiful images. Firstly, the chocolate cake didn’t rise as high as I wanted although I did use this technique where you wrap a wet towel around the tin whilst baking to help the cake rise evenly with a flat top. Not sure if that stuffed it up, but I ended up with two cakes that were around 4 cm high.

Secondly, the filling tasted delicious but like the other comments on the page, the consistency was all wrong and was too runny. When I first tried to spread the filling it looked fine and seemed to hold its shape. But as I went to mix other stuff and turned back to the cake, the filling had become puddle of mess leaking everywhere on all sides of the cake and looked more like a sauce. Thankfully, I had some thickened cream and whipped that up and folded it into the ‘sauce’ to give it some volume.. and it kind of worked.

Finally, when I proceeded to decorate the cake I had all these fantastic ideas of tempered chocolate scrolls and cocoa sprinkled onto the cake in the form of roses… but I just gave up. I first tried tempering the chocolate and it seemed to go well until i tried to remove the scrolls from the paper and it just melted in my hands. The rose shaped cocoa also ended up more like clumps of cocoa… In the end to conceal all my mistakes I just haphazardly flung chocolate everywhere… I’ve realised the abstract look is the best solution to resort to when everything falls apart.

Having said all that, the cake actually tasted pretty good. To be honest I’ve only had tiramisu 2 times in my life but this tasted edible and pretty legitimate. Here’s a picture of the finished product!


And here’s a picture of the insides


And here’s a few tips if you want to use this recipe:

  • Add less marsala wine into the filling
  • Whip the filling over the bain marie for a longer time until it is really thick and custard like



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